International SATTRANS Company is one of the leading operators and service providers of satellite mobile communications, the producer of additional equipment and accessories for satellite phones, terminals and modems which are operating in the global communication systems like Iridium, Thuraya and Inmarsat.

Offices of SATTRANS company are located in USA, Russia, Poland, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine. Thanks to partnership agreements with providers of satellite communications, SATTRANS company is presented in more than 30 countries worldwide.

SATTRANS company manufacture and deliver additional equipment for satellite phones, which can be used as a communicator in conditions of low visibility of a satellite in offices, cars or ships. Additional equipment is manufactured under the “SATTRANS” registered trademark and complies with international quality standards.

Services and products of SATTRANS company have reasonable prices, flexible discount system and excellent service.

The company's clients are government structures, business corporations and individuals in all fields: transport and energetic, public administration and security, extractive industries and research sector, defence industry and emergency services, medicine, tourism, media, education and culture.