Sattrans tracking portal:

Our tracking portal allows the user to track the location of Iridium Extreme devices. Location data can be send to the portal either via SMS or SBD allowing the handset user to communicate his location to his friends, loved ones or employer.


Sattrans provisioning and billing platform:

Our tracking portal allows the user to track the location of Iridium Extreme devices. Location data can be send to the portal either via SMS or SBD allowing the handset user to communicate his location to his friends, loved ones or employer.

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Iridium Extreme

iridium extremeSeptember 7, 2011. SATTRANS, a strategic partner of Iridium Communications Inc., announces the launch of the new Iridium Extreme™ satellite phone.

The Iridium Extreme™ works anywhere on Earth and provides the most reliable voice, data and location-based services in remote areas. It is also the most rugged satellite phone on the market with military grade durability and IP-65 rated protection for our toughest and highest usage customers.

Iridium 9555

21-8Iridium 9555 – Iridium’s Smallest Satellite Phone Ever!

Anywhere is the new everywhere with the sleek new Iridium 9555 satellite phone. This streamlined satellite phone is 30% smaller than the previous model and packed with innovative new features, including integrated speakerphone, improved SMS and email capabilities, internally stowed antenna and an upgraded Mini-USB data port.

BGAN X-Stream premium video streaming goes global

BGAN X-Stream - Inmarsat's new premium video streaming service - is now available across the globe.

The service - aimed primarily at broadcasters - offers the world's fastest on-demand video streaming via satellite.

BGAN X-Stream guarantees streaming data rates from a minimum of 384kbps to around 450kbps and is accessible through existing hardware - single, highly-compact and lightweight BGAN terminals - without the need for external antenna or any additional hardware

New level of security

SATTRANS raises the level of security for customers

SATTRANS company brings in free telephone number in case of immediate messages about emergency situations or about threat of piracy attack at sea for the customers of Iridium system. All calls from the customers at any time of day or night will be linked to the U.K. Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) center. Calls are free. Short number is 9715, or full number - +971 50 552 3215. Calls are available from any Iridium SIM-card, including OpenPort.

Thuraya XT


Thuraya XT - World's toughest satellite phone

Thuraya XT is ideal for everybody who moves around in areas where local networks are unreliable or non-existent. Its extremely durable construction makes Thuraya XT ideally suited to tough environments, where other satellite phones may not handle the

conditions so well. Thuraya XT is the most rugged handset combining satellite phone functionality with the dependability of Thuraya's superior network.

Iridium System for use on board or inside a building

SC4000 Iridium System

The Thrane & Thrane Fixed Mount Unit is a single-channel fixed product for use on board a ship, or inside a building. Designed as a powerful add-on for maritime communication set-ups. Can be integrated with a PBX system.

Service center

SATTRANS received the status of an authorized Iridium service center

servicecentAccording to the agreement signed in February 2011, satellite operator Iridium has given to SATTRANS company status of the Authorized Iridium Service Center with rights of post-warranty service and repair of communication equipment - satellite phones Iridium 9505a and 9555. Reception of Iridium phones for repairment is provided by any SATTRANS local office (only for SATTRANS customers) or though the Iridium service-providers (for customers of service-providers).

Short messages SBD

Short messages SBD (Short Burst Data) in the Iridium system

datatransSATTRANS company became a service provider of SBD (Short Burst Data)in the Iridium system. SBD-service offered by Iridium allows you to control, monitor and share data with remote objects, which are located in different regions not covered by earth-based communication systems. SBD communication is an ideal solution for monitoring and control of the moving objects, from containers and platforms to airplanes and ships.

Iridium Open Port

The world's first global high-speed network specifically engineered for maritime use.

The world’s first and only GLOBAL voice and data service engineered for the maritime market. Iridium's OpenPort satellite communications system allows up to three phone lines for simultaneous use and features "always-on" data with speeds up to 128 kbps — on an all-IP backbone. Easy to install and surprisingly affordable!