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HNS 9201

HNS 9201

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The HUGHES HNS-9201 Broadband Satellite IP Terminal and WLAN Access Point is your gateway to global communications via Inmarsat BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network). The Hughes HNS 9201 allows you to simultaneously send and receive IP packet and circuit switched data via USB, Ethernet, ISDN and WLAN interfaces. Which means handheld wireless devices or any other device with wireless capabilities can be connected to the HNS-9201 via the terminals ability to automatically grant an IP address and internet access once a device has properly connected to the Wi-Fi and entered the WEP key. So you get to a new site, bust out the HNS-9201 BGAN, register with the Inmarsat network and then everyone with a wireless enabled device can connect for email and internet access. The HNS-9201 enables multiple teams to utilize the terminal while using very little data as mobile devices inherently consume much less bandwidth then laptops.

The Hughes HNS 9201 combines ultimate performance with an extremely rugged design. It is one of the highest bandwidth terminals for Inmarsat BGAN service and supports WLAN connectivity. The HNS 9201 is ideal for either single users with high bandwidth requirements for applications such as live video or audio, or for small teams who need to set up a temporary office with high-speed connectivity for standard internet data applications such as email, SMS text messaging and VPN.

HUGHES HNS-9201, Portable Satellite Modem (14” wide, 11” tall, 2.5” thick) (6.5 lbs.) Up to 464kbps send/448 kbps recieve

Hughes HNS-9201 Main features are:
  • 492 kbps IP data (transmit & receive)
  • ISDN voice (4 kbps)
  • ISDN data (64 kbps)
  • WLAN access point
  • Allows simultaneous use of all interfaces (Ethernet, USB, ISDN and WLAN)
  • Multi-user capability (up to 11 simultaneous sessions)
  • Selectable Streaming Quality of Service (32 Kbps, 64 kbps, 128 kbps or 256 kbps)

The Hughes HNS-9201 BGAN Terminal is easy to use in Semi-Fixed and Portable Environments.
The rugged design of the 9201 allows the terminal to be installed outside in extreme weather conditions for extended periods of time. Multiple user support allows your entire team to share a single 9201 simultaneously, providing the site with a broadband local area network. The terminal’s small size and weight allows you to easily move it from site to site and be connected again within minutes. When you’re at a remote site, sending and receiving the information you need is critical. The Inmarsat BGAN service, together with the 9201, offers a true alternative network that enables corporate teams to communicate their critical information—anywhere, anytime.

HNS 9201 highlights:

  • Full IP compatibility—email, file transfer (FTP), VPN, browsing, etc.
  • Compatible with the following VPN's: Cisco–VPN Client V1 or V2.6.3, Nortel–Connectivity VPN Client V04_15.06, Netscreen–Remote Client 8.1, Checkpoint–V4.1, and SonicWall.
  • Cost effective “always-on” access—only charged for data sent and received
  • Easy to install and connects in minutes
  • UMTS IP based services
  • ISDN Supplementary Services

Hughes HNS-9201 Specifications:

  • Battery Life: 36 hrs of standby enough to download 864 MB or upload 162 MB in BIP mode (actual performance varies)
  • Weight with battery: 5.5 lb (2.5 kg)
  • Dimensions: 10.8 x 13.6 x 2.0 in (27.5 x 34.5 x 5.0 cm)
  • Input Power of AC adapter: 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz (outputs 12 VDC +/-10%)
  • Data Ports: USB, Ethernet, ISDN RJ-45 (for voice & data)
  • Ingress protection (against water/dust): IP55; Wind : survival to 100 mph
  • 64 kbps ISDN data calls cannot be simultaneous to voice calls
  • Compatible with: Windows 2000/XP, Mac OS 10.2 & up, Linux

Components & Optional Accessories:

  • Corded voice handset (with 2m cable)
  • HNS-9201 External Mounting Kit
  • Chiron Connect 200 ISDN terminal adapter (for use with analog phones & fax equipment)
  • 10-32 vdc power adapter
  • Padded soft case
  • Pelican 1600 Watertight impact case (fits soft case)
  • 50W Flexible Solar charger
  • Optional Outdoor Mounting Kit